Air Cargo Revenue Intelligence System is based on Deep Reinforcement Learning to help airlines improve their business.

The Deep Reinforcement Learning (RL) approach allows cargo airlines optimize their strategies to drive more profitable operation and decisions.
With RL, more information is added to the way prices and capacity demand are calculated, such as competitors, state of the market, etc.

Improve Your Air Cargo Performance

  • Gain the analytical intelligence and tools you need to monitor the performance of your air cargo operations
  • View your upcoming flights on customizable dashboards, to quickly see which flights aren’t performing as expected
  • Tweak to improve efficiency and optimize revenue

Leverage Real-Time Pricing & Booking

  • Get bid prices on all possible routes for a booking request
  • Leverage pricing capabilities to view route prices by origin, destination, departure date, customer, shipment details and product type combinations.

Forecast Flight Capacity Demand

We produce a flight-specific demand forecast, and continually monitor booking curves for each flight, adjusting the rate according to changes in demand.